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Bree Lynn
Artist | Student | Literature
United States
Favourite genre of music: Metal, rock, Japanese.
Favourite photographer: My cousin ^^
Favourite style of art: Manga
MP3 player of choice: Ipod
Favourite cartoon character: why Cheshire cat of course!
Character Name: Evanessa Rose

Age: 17-18

Race: Human Bat Hybrid

Gender: Female

Appearance: Evanessa has heart shaped face with a angular features, a small slightly pointed nose, and narrow white eyes. She has a tall, lean form, skinny limbs, she stands 5'9 and her skin is a lighter silky ivory, no freckles but a creamy color. She has dark ebony colored lashes that are very long. She has a slightly curved body, her bust size is 34B. Her hair is long and layered, black, peppered with white streaks. At the school she wears a black paper gown, she has a punk like style and when's she gets loose like to live it up with the black and jeans.(She has bat wings with a wing spand of 14 feet, and she has pointed ears, with sharp teeth.)Her tongue is peirced.

History: She doesn't have much of a history, she was raised at one of the under companies of The School, She was kept in a dog crate along with other hybrids, She watched many die in their crates or Erasers. She was experimented on and has a few scars, Evanessa first escaped from the School's grasp when she was 12. She escaped for a few days, Only to be caught once more. She was punished and experemints were made on her almost threes times as often. She was watched over by Erasers and hardly ever got out unless she was being experimented on. Then she got out once more when she turned 16. they didn't find her for almost a month, she met other hybrids, and a few humans who were kind to her. She learned to fight know friendship.

Personality: She's very cautious, and very reckless, she has a split personality, one moment cautious and dangerous like a snake, then next moment she's quiet, happy, and pretty funny. She has never felt anything as far as love, and she has only felt fear and hatred.

Weakness: Needles, the school, people in lab coats, chemical smells, heat, and her asthma.

Weapon:She fights with her limbs and hands and feet, when she can lay her hands on a weapon she will try to use it.

  • Listening to: Hey there Delilah
  • Reading: Power
  • Watching: Coroline
  • Eating: Triscuits
  • Drinking: Mango Sunny d

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